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In the current digital era, data security is crucial. The difficulty of safeguarding sensitive data has increased with the use of cloud computing. This is where comes in. is a robust Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platform designed to secure data wherever it is stored, ensuring your valuable information remains safe and accessible.

Features of is packed with features designed to offer top-notch data protection:

  • Advanced Data Classification
  • Integration with Collaboration Platforms
  • Integration with Storage Platforms
  • Integration with Business Applications

Advanced Data Classification uses sophisticated deep learning techniques to achieve 99.5% accurate data classification. This ensures that all your data is correctly identified and protected against potential threats. The use of advanced algorithms allows for precise detection and prevention of data loss, making your cloud environment more secure.

Integration with Collaboration Platforms

Effective communication is key in any business, and ensures this communication remains secure across various platforms:

  • Slack: Safeguard your messages and files on Slack.
  • Gmail: Protect your emails and attachments.
  • Outlook: Secure your Outlook communications.
  • Mattermost: Keep your Mattermost chats safe.
  • Microsoft Teams: Ensure the safety of your Teams interactions.

Integration with Storage Platforms also excels in securing data stored in the cloud, integrating with major storage platforms to keep your data safe:

  • Google Drive (Gdrive): Secure your Google Drive files.
  • Box: Protect your content on Box.
  • Dropbox: Keep your Dropbox data safe.
  • OneDrive: Enhance the security of your OneDrive storage.

Integration with Business Applications

For businesses relying on various applications, offers robust protection:

  • Salesforce: Secure your CRM data.
  • Jira: Protect your project management information.
  • Github: Safeguard your code repositories.
  • Confluence: Ensure the safety of your collaborative documents.

Deployment and User Empowerment was created with ease of use in mind. You can swiftly install it across all apps, devices, and users thanks to its one-click deployment functionality. In addition to saving time, this gives users fast remediation capabilities so they can quickly and efficiently resolve security vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessment and Security

One standout feature of is its complimentary risk assessment report. This report provides valuable insights into your security posture, helping you identify potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, sends real-time alerts to users whenever they make security mistakes, aiding in the reduction of security risks.

Integration with SIEM

Through API connections, easily interacts with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. By giving you a thorough understanding of your security environment and simplifying the process of identifying and addressing threats, this integration improves your overall security.

Support and Accessibility

Support is critical when it comes to data security, and excels here as well. With 24/7 support available through Slack, you can rest assured that help is always just a message away. The response rates are impressive, typically within a couple of hours, ensuring your operations remain smooth and uninterrupted.

Benefits of Using

The benefits of using are numerous and significant:

  • Data Protection in the Cloud: Ensures your cloud data is secure.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Utilises advanced security features.
  • Ease of Use and Integration: Offers seamless integration and easy deployment.

Use Cases is versatile and suitable for various use cases:

  • Enterprises: Large organisations needing robust data protection.
  • Small Businesses: Small businesses looking for affordable security solutions.
  • Remote Teams: Teams working remotely needing secure communication and storage.

User Experience

The user experience with is designed to be intuitive and straightforward. Users appreciate its clean interface and ease of navigation. Feedback and reviews highlight its efficiency and reliability, making it a trusted choice for many organisations.

Pricing and Plans provides adjustable price tiers to meet various requirements. There is a plan that meets your needs, regardless of how big or little your company is. also offers modification options so you may fit the service to your own requirements.

Conclusion distinguishes out as a leading Cloud Data Loss Prevention product. is an essential tool for any organisation trying to improve data security, thanks to its sophisticated capabilities, smooth connections, and user-friendly design. As the use of cloud computing grows, is set to play an important role in protecting digital information.


1. What is is a Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platform designed to protect data in the cloud and wherever it is stored, integrating with various collaboration, storage, and business applications.

2. How accurate is’s data classification? uses advanced deep learning techniques to achieve 99.5% accuracy in data classification, ensuring precise identification and protection of your data.

3. What platforms does integrate with? is compatible with communication platforms such as Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Mattermost, and Microsoft Teams; storage systems such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive; and business apps such as Salesforce, Jira, Github, and Confluence.

4. How does enhance security? improves security with capabilities such as enhanced data categorization, real-time warnings, immediate remediation, and interaction with SIEM systems, giving you a complete picture of your security posture.

5. What kind of support does offer? offers 24/7 support through Slack with response rates within a couple of hours, ensuring that help is always available when needed.

Abhinesh Rai
Author: Abhinesh Rai

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