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Hanooman.ai: Indian Chatgpt Business Solutions


Hanooman.ai is an innovative platform designed to provide a wide range of AI-driven solutions specifically tailored to enhance business operations. Developed through a collaboration between SML India and 3AI Holding, Hanooman aims to leverage India’s rich linguistic diversity by supporting 98 global languages, including 12 Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. This ambitious project is not just another AI tool; it is a transformative force in the realm of business processes and efficiency, offering advanced analytics, automation tools, and machine learning applications designed to streamline operations and drive growth.

Linguistic Diversity and Localisation

Tailored for India’s Multilingual Landscape

One of Hanooman’s standout features is its ability to support and operate in 22 Indian languages. This focus on linguistic diversity makes it particularly adept at understanding and generating text in regional languages, which is crucial for inclusive communication in a multilingual country like India. This is a significant advantage over other AI models that may primarily cater to globally dominant languages.

Cultural Nuances and Sector-Specific Solutions

Hanooman is designed with a strong focus on Indian cultural nuances and sector-specific needs. This allows it to provide tailored solutions for healthcare, governance, financial services, and education within India. Such a localised approach ensures that the AI can address specific challenges and requirements unique to these sectors in India, thereby enhancing its utility and effectiveness.

Advanced Multimodal Capabilities

Beyond Text: Versatility in Interaction

Hanooman boasts advanced multimodal capabilities, allowing it to handle not just text but also speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and even text-to-video and vice versa. This versatility is especially useful in various sectors like healthcare and education, where such functionalities can enhance accessibility and user interaction. For instance, in healthcare, doctors can use Hanooman for patient consultations in their preferred language, ensuring better understanding and compliance with medical advice.

Integration with Large Language Models

Hanooman combines specialist Large Language Models (LLMs) with a synthesis matrix to convert complicated data into actionable insights. This connection allows for a better comprehension of context and subtleties in communication, making it an effective tool for firms wishing to use AI for strategic decision-making.

Applications Across Various Sectors


In the healthcare sector, Hanooman can revolutionise patient care by providing AI-driven diagnostics, patient management systems, and personalised treatment plans. Its ability to understand and generate medical information in multiple languages ensures that healthcare services are accessible to a broader population.


For governance, Hanooman offers solutions that can streamline administrative processes, improve citizen engagement, and enhance transparency. By facilitating communication in local languages, it ensures that government services are more accessible to the general populace.

Financial Services

Hanooman offers sophisticated analytics and automation solutions for the financial services industry that may optimise financial processes, strengthen risk management, and boost client satisfaction. It is a priceless tool for financial organisations trying to increase their presence in a variety of markets because of its capacity to comprehend regional languages and circumstances.


Hanooman’s capabilities extend to the education sector, where it can be used for personalised tutoring, curriculum development, and administrative automation. By supporting multiple languages, it ensures that educational resources are accessible to students from different linguistic backgrounds.

Strategic Partnerships and Growth Ambitions

Hanooman has set an ambitious goal of reaching 200 million users within its first year. This goal is supported by strategic partnerships with industry giants like HP, NASSCOM, and Yotta. These collaborations enhance its operational capabilities and support various initiatives such as AI startup incubation and fintech innovation. The backing of such prominent entities underscores the platform’s potential and credibility in the market.

Comparison with ChatGPT

Focus on Regional Languages

While both Hanooman and ChatGPT are advanced AI models, they are designed with different primary focuses. Hanooman’s strength lies in its ability to cater to the linguistic diversity of India. Unlike ChatGPT, which primarily excels in globally dominant languages, Hanooman is proficient in multiple Indian languages, making it a better fit for the Indian market.

Sector-Specific Applications

In India, Hanooman intends to offer sector-specific solutions, particularly in the areas of healthcare, financial services, government, and education. In contrast, ChatGPT is a universal artificial intelligence model employed worldwide across various sectors.ChatGPT’s solutions are quite flexible, but they are not as specifically tailored to meet the unique cultural and industry requirements of India.

Advanced Multimodal Capabilities

Hanooman’s advanced multimodal capabilities, which include speech-to-text and text-to-video functionalities, give it an edge over ChatGPT, which primarily focuses on text-based interactions. These capabilities make Hanooman more versatile and useful in scenarios that require diverse modes of communication.


Hanooman.ai is designed specifically for the Indian market. It offers extensive support for regional languages and multimodal capabilities. The platform pays special attention to cultural nuances and provides sector-specific solutions. This makes it invaluable for businesses and organisations seeking to enhance operational efficiency and growth through AI. Hanooman aims for ambitious expansion and has formed strategic alliances. It is poised to significantly impact various sectors in India. The platform offers inclusive and effective solutions.

Abhinesh Rai
Author: Abhinesh Rai

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