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In the era of technological innovation, emerges as a revolutionary mobile app, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a preliminary screening of suspicious skin lesions. This article explores the functionalities, uses, benefits, and user guide of, offering insights into its potential impact on skin cancer awareness and early detection.

What is is a mobile application designed to analyze suspicious skin lesions and assess the risk of melanoma through the power of artificial intelligence. It serves as a preliminary screening tool, aiming to support early detection and encourage follow-up with dermatologists for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Uses of


Regularly monitor existing moles or suspicious lesions for changes in size, color, or shape with the convenience of your smartphone.

Early Detection

Identify potential melanomas at an early stage when treatment is most effective, enhancing the chances of successful outcomes.

Peace of Mind

Reduce anxiety and uncertainty about new or changing skin lesions by gaining timely insights into their potential risks.

Informed Decision-making

Empower yourself with information to guide discussions with your dermatologist and prioritize follow-up care based on the AI’s risk assessment.

Benefits of


The app is readily available on iOS and Android devices, allowing for quick and easy skin checks at your convenience.


Trained on a vast database of images, boasts high accuracy in identifying suspicious lesions, enhancing its reliability.


The user-friendly interface makes it easy to take photos, analyze lesions, and receive risk assessments without technological hurdles.

Empowerment provides individuals with a proactive approach to skin cancer detection and early intervention, promoting a sense of control over their health.

User Guide

  1. Download and Install the App is available on both iOS and Android devices. Start by downloading and installing the app from the respective app stores.
  2. Create an Account Provide basic information and create an account to access the app’s features. Familiarize yourself with the user-friendly interface.
  3. Take Clear Photos of Your Lesion Follow the app’s instructions for optimal image capture. Ensure the lesion is well-lit and positioned according to the app’s guidelines.
  4. Analyze the Lesion The app’s AI algorithm will analyze the photo and provide a risk assessment, categorized as low, medium, or high risk.
  5. Interpret the Results Understand that low-risk lesions typically require monitoring, while medium or high-risk assessments warrant consulting a dermatologist for further evaluation.
  6. Track Your Lesions Utilize the app’s tracking feature to monitor and document changes in your lesions over time, aiding in ongoing self-assessment.

Pricing offers various subscription plans catering to different user needs:

  • Free Basic Plan: Provides limited features, including 5 lesion analyses per month and access to educational resources.
  • Premium Plan: Offers unlimited lesion analyses, advanced risk assessment features, and additional educational content.
  • Professional Plan: Tailored for healthcare professionals, providing advanced analysis tools and data management capabilities.

Important Note

While is a valuable tool for preliminary screening, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult a dermatologist for definitive diagnosis and treatment of any skin concerns.


In conclusion, stands as a promising tool in the realm of skin cancer awareness and early detection. Although it doesn’t replace professional diagnosis, it empowers individuals to take a proactive approach to their skin health. Remember, early detection is crucial for successful treatment and improved outcomes in skin cancer.


  1. Q: How accurate is in assessing skin lesions?
  • A: boasts high accuracy, trained on a vast database of images to provide reliable risk assessments.
  1. Q: Can be used as a definitive diagnosis tool?
  • A: No, it serves as a preliminary screening tool; always consult a dermatologist for professional diagnosis.
  1. Q: What does the Premium Plan offer that the Free Basic Plan doesn’t?
  • A: The Premium Plan includes unlimited lesion analyses, advanced risk assessment features, and additional educational content.
  1. Q: Is suitable for healthcare professionals?
  • A: Yes, offers a Professional Plan tailored for healthcare professionals with advanced analysis tools.
  1. Q: How often should I use for self-monitoring?
  • A: Regular self-monitoring is encouraged; the app allows 5 lesion analyses per month in the Free Basic Plan

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