Unlocking Athlete Performance: Orreco’s ZoneTrack

Orreco is at the forefront of sports science, empowering athletes and coaches with AI-powered solutions for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Their premier product, ZoneTrack, is a revolutionary wearable device that monitors a user’s internal load, a critical indicator of physiological stress on the body. With real-time feedback and actionable insights, ZoneTrack helps prevent injuries and enhance athletic performance.

ZoneTrack Applications

Orreco’s groundbreaking technology finds applications across various sports, including soccer, rugby, basketball, and football. It’s equally valuable for athletes recovering from injuries.

Tailored Pricing

Orreco offers flexible pricing plans catering to individuals and teams. For precise pricing details, direct inquiries to Orreco.

Key Features of ZoneTrack

ZoneTrack stands out with several features:

Real-time Feedback

ZoneTrack offers athletes and coaches real-time feedback on the user’s internal load, enabling injury prevention and performance optimization.

Individualized Thresholds

The system uses an individual’s physiology to calculate personalized internal load thresholds, ensuring the feedback is relevant and actionable for each user.

Injury Prevention

ZoneTrack excels at injury prevention by providing early warnings of overtraining, allowing athletes and coaches to adjust training programs accordingly.


It also plays a vital role in tracking the progress of athletes in the rehabilitation phase post-injury.

Understanding the Technology

ZoneTrack’s operation involves measuring heart rate, heart rate variability, and blood lactate levels, which are then processed to calculate the internal load.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using ZoneTrack

To make the most of ZoneTrack, athletes and coaches need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Create User Profiles: Begin by creating profiles for each user, including essential information such as age, height, and weight.
  2. Wear the ZoneTrack Device: During training and competition, users wear the ZoneTrack device.
  3. Real-time Feedback: The device provides real-time feedback on the user’s internal load, accessible through the ZoneTrack app or web dashboard.

Coaches and athletes can leverage this feedback to optimize performance and prevent injuries. For example, if an athlete’s internal load is too high, the coach may adjust the training regimen to reduce injury risks.

Orreco: A Beacon in Sports Science

Orreco takes the lead in pioneering AI-driven solutions for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Athletes and coaches across various sports have harnessed their technology to prevent injuries, enhance performance, and monitor athletes’ recovery from injuries.

Unlock the full potential of your athletic journey with ZoneTrack by Orreco.


1. How does ZoneTrack calculate internal load?

ZoneTrack calculates internal load by monitoring heart rate, heart rate variability, and blood lactate levels. This data is processed to provide real-time feedback on the user’s physiological stress.

2. Is ZoneTrack suitable for all sports?

ZoneTrack is versatile and can be used in various sports, including soccer, rugby, basketball, football, and more. It’s equally beneficial for athletes in rehabilitation.

3. How can ZoneTrack help prevent injuries?

ZoneTrack provides early warnings of overtraining, helping athletes and coaches adjust training loads to reduce injury risks.

4. Is ZoneTrack suitable for individual athletes and teams?

Orreco offers pricing plans that cater to both individual athletes and teams.

5. Can I access the real-time feedback on my mobile device?

Yes, the real-time feedback from ZoneTrack can be conveniently accessed through the ZoneTrack app on your mobile device.

Join the Athletic Revolution

Take the first step in revolutionizing your athletic performance and injury prevention with ZoneTrack by Orreco. To explore pricing and get started, contact Orreco directly.



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